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Heat management and health of Premier Cricket players is of the utmost importance to SACA. Below are steps that can be taken by administrators, coaches, parents to better prepare players for the summer months. 


  • At Training Sessions

    • Provide participants with cold water at training. A simple container of chilled water and cups will suffice. In excessively hot conditions, wet towels and fine water sprays will also assist.

    • Encourage participants to take drink breaks during the training session.

    • Ensure shade is available to participants to assist with recovery after exercising.

    • Encourage players to wear appropriate clothing, hats, sunscreen and sunglasses.

    • Modify training sessions by reducing the length of time of the session. Or why not take the opportunity to conduct a team meeting, introduce a goal setting exercise or de-brief players on their performances.

    • Alter the training session by changing the scheduled time for training to late evening. You could even schedule a swimming session or arrange a session at the beach.

    • Educate all participants in understanding the effects and signs of heat stress. Ensure participants understand that fluid replacement doesn’t just start when they are thirsty.

    • Above all, monitor all participants during any session in hot conditions.

  • At Home

    • Participants should ensure they drink plenty of fluids for several hours prior to attending a training session and/or match.

    • If participants are active during hot days they should allow time for rest and sleep to ensure their body recuperates.

    • Alcohol is a diuretic and will increase dehydration. The level of alcohol intake in the days preceding participation needs to be considered.

    • Some medication including cold and flu tablets can affect a participant’s hydration level. Participants on such medication should advise their Club or team management before participating in hot conditions.


  • Pre-Game

    • Ensure participants understand the importance of hydration. Simply, drink plenty of fluids for several hours prior to the game.

    • Encourage participants to weigh themselves prior to the game (this will assist with hydration after the game).

    • Talk to the Umpires prior to the game. SACA’s Bylaws allow for extra drinks breaks during a session. In excessively hot conditions, ask for permission to run drink bottles, fine spray bottles and wet towels on to the field at the fall of a wicket. Provided that no time is wasted, this will be permitted.

    • Encourage players to wear appropriate clothing, hats, sunscreen and sunglasses.

    • Warm-ups and pre-match talks should be conducted in shaded areas. Participants should be encouraged to drink fluids before, during and after warm-ups.

  • During the Game

    • Ensure plenty of fluids are available during the game for participants.

    • Manage drink breaks as agreed with Umpires.

    • Arrange for containers and drink bottles to be placed on the boundary at fine leg at each end of the field. Consult the Captain so that they can rotate players through fine leg as necessary.

    • Remember that the longer a batter is at the crease the more their energy levels will drop. It is important that fluids be made available at a break in play.

    • Encourage all participants to drink fluids at scheduled breaks.

    • At scheduled breaks, participants should be encouraged to re-apply sunscreen.

    • Neck coolers (or a simple wet handkerchief) are effective in reducing body temperature.

    • Ensure shaded areas are available for participants at scheduled breaks such as lunch, tea and the change of innings.

    • Provide participants with chilled fruits at scheduled breaks. Suggestions include Watermelon, Rockmelon, Honeydew Melon etc.

    • Reduce the length of bowling spells.

    • Act immediately if any player shows signs of heat stress. This may be identified by fatigue, nausea, headache, confusion or light headedness.

    • Arrange for players to be provided access to ice baths or ice vests. A simple ‘wheelie bin’ half full of iced water will suffice.

    • Remember that Umpires are participants and fluids should be made available to them as required.

    • Once again, monitor all participants during any session in hot conditions.

  • Post-Game

    • Ensure participants are provided with fluids after the completion of the game and are reminded of the importance of continuing to drink fluids to assist with hydration.

    • Encourage participants to weigh themselves after participating.

    • For each kilogram in weight which is lost, one litre of fluid has been lost

    • Be aware that fluid loss can continue after participating

    • Aim to replace more fluid than the amount that has been lost

    • If a participant has lost weight encourage them to increase the amount of fluid consumed throughout the game the next time they participate.

    • The practical hints outlined in this document are simple guidelines to assist Clubs and individuals whilst participating in hot conditions.

    • If there is any doubt as to whether an individual should participate in hot conditions, SACA recommends that medical advice is sought.


Remember: No person should be forced to participate in any match.

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